Chef Nick in the WCSH 6 207 kitchen

23 Aug 2016 Chef Nick in the WCSH 6 207 kitchen

Chef Nick returned to the WCSH 6 207 kitchen to prepare theย famous Liquid Riot Crispy Chicken Skin Sliders. This dish was named Best Chicken Sandwich by Restaurant & Hospitality Magazine. We hope you’ll watch the segment now and try this recipe at home. Of course, no one makes these sliders like Nick – so come on in!

Orange Marmalade-
2 oranges cut into segments
6 oz liquid riot sour trouble
6 oz fresh squeezed orange juice
2 oz champagne vinegar
2 teaspoons white sugar
1 teaspoon powdered gelatin
Keep the segments in a separate bowl. Combine all the liquid and sugar and heat on stovetop. Reduce by ยพ, then whisk in gelatin. Pour over orange segments while still hot, place in mason jar and cover. Let set overnight. This can keep up to 1 month.

Smoked Mayo-
3 Roma tomatoes sliced lengthwise and placed face down on outdoor grill.
Put wood chips on opposite side of grill allowing smoke to build up, close cover and let smoke for about 20 minutes.
Purรฉe until smooth add 1 cup of mayo and purรฉe. This can be done ahead of time and will keep up to 1 month.

Any store bought slider roll will work for this. To assemble, put a dollop of smoked mayo, place 2 crispy chicken skins, top with marmalade.

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Liquid Riot

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