Beer on Tap

Updated Feb 14, 2017 @ 10:58 am

Some of our beers can also be found at select bars and bottle shops throughout Maine.

Albino     5.5%

Our play on a white “stout”. Oats & lactose for body, cocoa nibs & vanilla for roasty character.

Irish Goodbye     4%

Our rendition of an Irish Stout.  Dark, rich flavors of roasted barley and British hops.  Served Nitrogenated.

Rauchbier     5%

German-style smoked lager using 80% beechwood smoked malt.  Notes of smokey campfire and bbq.  An ode to Bamberg.

Cannonball dry-hopped pale     5.3%

A dry hopped pale with punchy hop notes and a smooth backbone, featuring Motueka hops.

I.P.Awesome vol. IX     6.2%

Our latest rotating IPA featuring British and German malts, Centennial, Equinox, Cashmere and Amarillo hops and a generous dose of Mosaic hop hash.

What’s In The Box?     9.1%

This double IPA is chalk full of juicy hop flavor and aroma.  With a high percentage of unmalted grains, this one is for those who like that haze.  We used a generous amount of American hops as well as a bunch from down under.

This Is DIPA     8.3%

The second to last rung on our IPA ladder, this is a big IPA following more in the tradition of the first wave of American double IPAs.  A slight maltyness is put in the back seat while the Amarillo, CTZ, Centennial, Cascade, Simcoe and Citra do most of the driving.  We dry hopped this one twice also.  Served clear as a bell.

NSFW     10%

Triple IPA brewed with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, and Belma. Dry hopped twice totaling to over 5 lbs per bbl (that’s a shit ton of hops, brah).

Blue Note Porter     6.3%

Our traditional British-style porter.  For those who like a straight forward dark beer with plenty of soft roast character.

Special Ale     6.3% (on cask)

British-style winter warmer.  I winter tradition for us.  Roasty chocolate and caramel malts give this one it’s goodness.

Primus     4.3%

Our Belgian-Style house/table bier.  Light, crisp, hoppy and estery.

Belgo-Amber     7%

Traditional Belgian-styel Amber ale with noble hops and soft caramel Belgian malts.

Raspy Trouble     7%

sour brown ale aged on raspberries. Tart, jammy, and delicious.

Taste the Rainbow     7%

sour, dry hopped blonde ale aged on peaches and Brett’. Don’t you wonder what the rainbow tastes like?

Persuasion     7%

Oak fermented sour brown ale, then transferred to a port barrel with 100 lbs Montmorency sour cherries. Only one keg so get it ASAP!