Beer on Tap

Updated Jun 14, 2017 @ 10:15 am

Some of our beers can also be found at select bars and bottle shops throughout Maine.

Irish Goodbye     4%

Our rendition of anIrish Stout.  Dark, rich flavors of roasted barley and British hops.

Oatmeal Stout    5%

A true classic using all UK ingredients including chocolate & black malts, and of course, oats.  Served Nitrogenated.

Cannonball Dry-hopped Pale     5.3%

American Pale Ale has punchy hop notes and a smooth backbone, featuring Motueka hops.

Ka$h Money IPA     6%

Blonde IPA using fruity, citrusy Cashmere hops, supported by a soft malt flavor.

Headstash IPA     7%

Bold, intensely hopped IPA with a dry, crisp finish using simply the dankest hop varieties.

A Beer Has No Name    8.4%

Our latest and freshest double IPA featuring Mosaic, Idaho-7, and Citra hops. Dank and fruity.

What’s In The Box?   8.8%

DIPA using a blend of Northern and Southern Hemisphere hops, dry hopped twice.

Saison le Norme     6%

Classic Belgian-style Saison using a blend of yeast strains and French Strisselspalt hops.

Disbelief     8%

Dark Belgian-style. Rich, complex notes of dark fruit and cocoa. Made with local maple syrup.

Careless Whyspers     11.7%

Bier de Café series for Novare Res Bier Café.  Smooth, strong Tripel in style, hopped with Galaxy

Spiritus Sancti     12.7%

Belgian trappist inspired quad, huge, rich malt flavors and notes of fig, plum, and dried fruit.

Walter Wit     9.1%

Complex wheat Tripel aged 12 months in oak barrels with two Brett strains.

Love & Happiness      6.1%

Dry hopped Blonde Brett beer with fruity, juicy flavor and a subtle, classic Brett funkiness. Aged 3 months and dry hopped with Citra and South African experimental hops.

Lagerbier     5%

Classic German-style Helles, this is what beer tastes like. Pale gold, subtly hopped perfectly balanced.

Tropical Storm     4.8%

Brewed with our friends at The Bier Cellar for their Anniversary, a sour wheat ale aged on enormous amounts of pink guava, passionfruit, and mango puree.