05 Nov 2017
Happy Hour Returns!

It's beer week here in Portland, Maine. Though we like to say "it's always beer week at Liquid Riot," there are some extra special...

Liquid Riot Spirits
18 Oct 2017
The Happiest of Happy Hours

Harvest Happy Hour at Harvest on the Harbor It's the 10th annual Harvest on the Harbor and one new addition is Harvest Happy Hour,...

03 Oct 2017
Liquid Riot’s homemade pretzels

Fresh cans of Liquid Riot beers go perfectly with fresh baked pretzels. We spotted the kitchen crew creating a batch this morning and...

27 Sep 2017
Make This Shrub 🌳

Shrub history, as per "The name shrub comes not from the garden, though you'll enjoy drinking them there, but from the Arabic shurb,...