Updated Aug 15, 2017 @ 1:00 pm

Haute Fashioned

Liquid Riot Old Port Bourbon, cinnamon syrup, whiskey barrel aged bitters, ice ball.

Grant Street

gin, sweet vermouth, cynar, maraschino liqueur, grapefruit bitters. 


 Liquid Riot Old Port Single Malt Whiskey, pimm’s, meletti amaro, root liquor.

Who Rhums the World?

Liquid Riot rhum blanc, cocchi rosso, falernum*, lime, demerara.

*allergy warning: contains almonds*

It’s Mint To Be

Liquid Riot Old Port Aged Oat Whiskey, chartreuse, mint, lemon, sugar.


Liquid Riot Aguardiente de Agave, aperol, grapefruit, lemon, sugar, cucumber.

Fruit et Fernet

Liquid Riot Fernet Michaud, Liquid Riot Bierschnaps, strawberries, lime, maple.

Italian Ginger

Liquid Riot Well…Vodka, montenegro amaro, ginger, honey, soda, rosemary.

Milk Punch

rum, bourbon, clarified milk, warm spices, seasonal fruit.

Jungle Bird

Liquid Riot Dow’s Domise Rum, Campari, pineapple, lime, sugar

Pickle Back

Liquid Riot Old Port Bourbon & house pickle juice

House Distilled Spirits

.5 oz taste  / 2 oz pour

Fernet Michaud $2 / $7
a unique blend of 23 botanicals and herbs make up our award winning digestif.

Well…Vodka $2 / $7
distilled from an organic wheat based neutral grain spirit, triple filtered for taste.

Agave Spirit $3  / $11
aguardiente de agave is made from 100% organic blue agave nectar and aged 7+ months in whiskey barrels.

Rhum Blanc $2  / $7
made from cane juice and light molasses with hints of banana and pineapple.

Dow’s Demise Dark Rum $3 / $11
aged in bourbon barrels for 18+ months.

Old Port White Oat Whiskey $2 / $7
distilled from Maine organic rolled oats, slightly sweet aroma and creamy mouth feel.

Old Port Oat Whiskey $3 / $11
white oat whiskey is aged in american oak barrels for 19+ months.

Old Port Single Malt Whiskey $3 / $11
american cherry wood smoked barley is distilled and aged in bourbon barrels for 18+ months.

Old Port Straight Rye Whiskey $3 / $11
Maine grown organic rye and chocolate malt are distilled and aged 2+ years in white oak barrels.

Old Port Straight Bourbon $3 / $11
local organic corn, rye, and buckwheat are distilled and aged for 2+ years in freshly charred new american oak barrels.

Bierschnaps $2 / $7
finished beer is distilled and aged 6-8 months in whiskey barrels, great as an aperitif.


glass / bottle

Sparkling & Whites 

Bianca Vigna prosecco, italy $10 / $38
Poderi Cellario favorita, italy $9 / $40 1L
Chardon Touraine sauvignon blanc, france $10 / $38
Laballe chardonnay, france $10 / $38

Rosé & Lambrusco

Domaine Poli niellucciu “rosé”, corsica $9 / $34
Poderi Salicento lambrusco, italy $10 / $38


Bonhomme Le Telquel gamay, france $11 /  $42
Laurant Clandestino petit verdot, chile $9 / $34
Hobo Wine Co. zinfandel, california $11 / $42