Plate Magazine includes Fernet Michaud

13 Sep 2016 Plate Magazine includes Fernet Michaud

“Italian Immigrants Help Fernet Thrive in San Francisco”

By Amy Cavanaugh – September 2016

It’s not just bartenders putting their own spin on fernet—domestic distillers have been making their own versions of the bitter liqueur for a few years, using local ingredients to make the spirit more appealing to the American palate. In most cases, that means a little less bitter, while in others, distillers evoke American nostalgia with specific botanicals …

In Portland, Maine, Liquid Riot makes Fernet Michaud by infusing an organic wheat-based neutral grain spirit with 22 different botanicals, including wintergreen and dandelion, and aging it in Maine blueberry wine barrels. Since 2012, Colo.’s Leopold Bros. has made Fernet Leopold, a “Highland Amaro,” with ingredients of the region, including elderflower, honeysuckle and chamomile. “We use American ingredients,” says Todd Leopold. “To me, the most American is spearmint, like Doublemint Gum. – Read the article

Liquid Riot
Liquid Riot

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