Beer Week Shenanigans #207BeerWeek

Liquid Riot Beers and Spirits

10 Nov 2016 Beer Week Shenanigans #207BeerWeek

2017 Portland Beer Week Update

If you’re scrambling for something exceptional to do this weekend, we’ve got you covered. #207BeerWeek is happening through Saturday and here at the Riot, we have some exceptional offerings. We’re tapping rare kegs and introducing a new beertail (beer cocktail) daily.

Tapped for #207 BeerWeek 

: Albino white stout
Beertail: Blood, Smoke, & Tears – made with Liquid Riot Bierschnaps (distilled beer) and Rauchbier (smoked lager)

: Valley Girl sour blonde and Belgian pale blend
Beertail:  Something To Talk About – made with Liquid Riot Fernet Michaud and Sour Trouble sour brown ale

Keg: PrimusX
Beertail: Three Wheel Motion – made with Liquid Riot Agave Spirit and Primus

: Lumber Smack Double IPA
Beertail: To Be Determined – made with Liquid Riot Old Port Bourbon and Headstash IPA

: Funkschpringefest – barrel-aged for two years with Brettanomyces (This is a spectacular beer)
Beertail: Jimmy Smits – made with Liquid Riot Rhum Blanc and Albino white stout

KEG: Heart of Glass (it’s a Brett beer aged six months in stainless steel). Also (and no action photo).
BEERTAIL: Wifey With The Dolphin Tattoo – made with Liquid Riot Well… Vodka and KA$H Money IPA.

KEG: Vintage Straight to Black, our 11% Russian Imperial Stout. Do as the sign says!
Beertail: Breakfast In Bed made with Liquid Riot Dow’s Demise dark rum and Oats M’Goats oat stout.