Disbelief: Brewing with Candi Sugar

21 Feb 2017 Disbelief: Brewing with Candi Sugar

On Thursday we brewed the newest batch of our dark Belgian Strong, Disbelief! This beer goes all the way back to our owner Eric’s homebrew days, and utilizes many different specialty malts creating a delicious, complex, and unique beer.

Perhaps the most unique part of brewing this beer is making our own dark candi sugar in our kitchen. To do that we start with regular old granulated sugar, water and a little citric acid. We then heat our mixture to between 260 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit, and hold it there until the caramelization process gives us the deep color, and rich flavor that we’re going for.

It took us about 3 hours to make a 20 pound batch for this beer. Once the syrup had reached the color and flavor we want, we add wort from the kettle to cool it and keep it from continuing to caramelize further. When the time is right we add it to the kettle to add another layer of flavor to this amazing dark beer.


This batch of Disbelief will be ready in about a month, look for tapping dates on social media and come taste this bad ass beer!