Honoring Our Roots

07 Sep 2017 Honoring Our Roots

Our first tribute beer “Herbie” will be released later this month. It’s a crisp, hop-forward ale brewed with some of our favorite varieties. Original Herbie was an historic American Elm tree that stood on East Main Street in Yarmouth, Maine until 2010 (learn more on Herbie’s wiki page).

Eric, Ian and Greg were raised in Yarmouth, Maine and Ian currently lives in the community with his family. Greg said it best – “It was fun to brew a beer for a meaningful purpose and this beer was not only brewed to celebrate the Yarmouth Farmers’ Market and our involvement in it, but also to remember the amazing tree we all grew up getting to know, Herbie the elm tree.”

Fresh cans of Herbie will be released at the Yarmouth Farmers’ Market “Market Fest,” Thursday, September 21, 3 to 7 pm (@ 317 Main St).

Kegs of Herbie are also being supplied to Yarmouth area bars and restaurants.

Also at the 9/21 Yarmouth Farmers’ Market, Liquid Riot will staff a cash bar, serving pints of Herbie and cocktails made with Liquid Riot distillery spirits.

Bars and restaurants interested in serving Herbie should contact us at (207) 221-8889 or email eric@liquidriot.com.