Irish Stout Brew Day


06 Feb 2015 Irish Stout Brew Day

Hey Everyone,

Today we’re brewing a Dry Irish Stout. A simple dark beer known for it’s dry, roasted flavor, black color, and seemingly never-diminishing white head. Although the word Stout is often associated with strong, heavy dark beers, this style is meant to be highly quaffable, one that you can drink numerous pints of and still stumble home! A simple grain bill of 80% Irish Stout Malt and 10% each of British Roasted Barley and Flaked Barley, paired with East Kent Golding Hops. We’re trying a trick that Guinness allegedly performs, souring a small portion (about 3%) of the mash, sterilizing this portion, than infusing it into the fermenter with the remaining 97%. Will this contribute anything? Perhaps a nuance in flavor, perhaps nothing at all. But it will be fun and experimental, which is what keeps me on my toes!

Look to see this beer on tap a week or two before St. Patty’s day on our nitro line, that’s where you’ll find me. Until next time, sláinte!!

– Greg