Koelschip on the Water

20 Dec 2017 Koelschip on the Water

Last night we christened our koelschip (pronounced “coolship”). Transferring the wort for the first time was an amazing feeling and a longtime coming! In case you’re wondering, a koelschip is a flat and shallow vessel, historically made of copper and used to make lambic beer in Belgium. Boiling wort is transferred into the koelschip to cool overnight and in the open air.

The Liquid Riot koelschip is one-of-a-kind. Not because it was designed and constructed by family. Rather because it’s the only koelschip designed to collect wild yeast at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. We built our koelschip shanty right out back on the deck, overlooking the wharf. It’s a koelschip with a view, that gets to breath the yeast smorgasbord living in Portland Maine’s salty ocean breezes. Needless to say as we tuck this first batch into barrels to age for a few years, we’re excited to watch this seaside nod-to-lambic develop.

Cheers and congratulations to everyone on the Riot team for helping make this happen! #coolship

Moment of truth!

Shahin making sure everything is ready to rock

Eric basking in the steam outside the shanty

Liquid Riot Coolship batch #1, Tuesday, December 19, 2017