Liquid Riot at the Jewel Box

20 Jun 2022 Liquid Riot at the Jewel Box

From behind the bar we often get asked, “where else should we get a drink?” The long answer is… well, how much time do you have? Our tiny city is home to more restaurants and bars than New York City has per capita. Depending on the vibe you’re looking for will determine our answer. However, if you find you are looking for a warm, eclectic, inclusive environment that offers creative tasty cocktails, you need to visit 644 Congress Street. Easy to miss while walking by, The Jewel Box is by far one of Portland’s most beloved craft cocktail bars.

We’ve been fans of them since the beginning. In 2014 when they first opened they served only one beer and that was brewed for the bar specifically in collaboration with Liquid Riot (known as In’finiti at the time). Nowadays you’ll find our flagship IPA Head Stash on draft among others.

They also carry our Fernet Michaud. Not only is it a yummy amaro used in cocktails and is a digestif, but it is also perfect for the quintessential industry handshake. After all, Owner Nan’l Meiklejohn started The Jewel Box after they worked for years managing other bars here in Portland. For us, there is something so special about going into a bar where you feel connected to the staff and that the setting reflects the uniqueness, warmth, and personality of the owner. 

Special thank you to Nan’l and the staff at The Jewel Box for supporting us over the years! If you are able to visit them we suggest a Head Stash beer and sidecar of Fernet Michaud. Cheers!