Liquid Riot x Bramhall Pub

11 Sep 2021 Liquid Riot x Bramhall Pub

Bramhall is a modern speakeasy tucked away in one of Portland’s most historical neighborhoods. The Prohibition-era cocktail bar has a deep connection to our city’s past and so how fitting that you can now find our Dow’s Demise Dark Rum served in their pub. Named after Mayor Neal Dow who had put into effect a form of prohibition called the Maine Law, our rum is made in small batches just blocks away from where The Portland Rum Riot took place. We think it’s special that in a setting that once was a sanctuary for Scofflaws during the days of prohibition you can now enjoy a Maine-made spirit that celebrates the very history of the bar’s inception.

We highly suggest visiting Bramhall for a one-of-a-kind immersive experience and to try their newest cocktail called Twist of Cane which features our Dow’s Demise. (See the recipe below)

Twist of Cane Recipe


1.5 oz of Liquid Riot Dow’s Demise Dark Rum

0.5 oz Cognac

0.25 oz Demerara Sugar

0.25 oz Tepache

1 Dash Amargo Chuncho bitters

1 Dash Absinthe


Stir together and strain over round ice sphere. Serve with a twist of lemon and orange peel.

Yield: Serves 1

Also available at Bramhall is our Fernet Michaud, an Italian type of amaro infused with a proprietary blend of 22 botanicals, roots, and herbs. It is the perfect digestif or accent to a well-thought-out cocktail. If you’re familiar with the speakeasy you’ll probably recognize the infamous bathtub from behind the bar shown below.

Visit Bramhall at 769 Congress Street in Portland, Maine. They are open Tuesday-Sunday from 4 pm-1 am.