Nama At Yosaku Japanese Restaurant

05 Apr 2022 Nama At Yosaku Japanese Restaurant

We are so excited that Nama, our Japanese style lager is now being served at Yosaku Japanese Restaurant. For us, it brings us so much joy to see our beer on some of our favorite local restaurants tables. It’s especially an honor and privilege to see our Nama at such a prominent Japanese restaurant like Yosaku.

Nama is our light, clean lager inspired by the 100% malt Japanese lagers. Nama is Japanese for ‘fresh’. This fresh, crisp beer pairs super well with their Kitsune Soba dish.

Speaking of soba, did you know that Yosaku makes their own soba noodles daily? This style is one of the hardest style of noodles to make in the world. To make it they partner with Aurora Mills & Farm in Linneus to produce Maine-grown organic Japanese buckwheat.

At Liquid Riot, we sincerely value community & sourcing high quality local ingredients and we love partnering with other businesses who share similar values. If you haven’t been to Yosaku you need to check them out ASAP.

Next time you visit Yosaku be sure to ask for Liquid Riot and be sure to try their soba.

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