Dow’s Demise Dark Rum

Liquid Riot – Dow's Demise Dark Rum
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45% abv | 90 Proof
750 ml & 375 ml

In 1855 Neal Dow was re-elected as Mayor of Portland. Known as the “Napoleon of Temperance” and the “Father of Prohibition”, Dow had put into effect a form of prohibition called the Maine Law. When the locals found out Dow had a cache of rum stashed in the City vaults, they rioted. The Portland Rum Riot put an end to Dow’s political career. Located just a few blocks from the site of these riots, we make small batches of rum, matured in used oak whiskey barrels. We think Dow would have had a change of heart after sharing a dram of this Dark Rum.


  • 2016 – American Distilling Institute, Bronze, Aged Rum – Other Sugar