Seaside Picnic with Liquid Riot

02 Aug 2021 Seaside Picnic with Liquid Riot

Beautiful summer days in Maine have us reaching for a cold refreshing beer. Being located in Portland we find ourselves taking advantage of being right on the water and what better way than with a seaside picnic. Personally, our go-to picnic snack is a beer and cheese pairing. It’s classic and super easy to throw together. 

Although canned beer tends to be more popular these days, let’s not forget about bottled beers. For instance, we opted to pack our Vinlandic beer, which is a Norwegian-style farmhouse ale made using local oats, rye, wheat, and barley, and locally harvested juniper boughs. It’s the perfect size for sharing between two people and its flavor profile perfectly complemented our meats and cheeses.

How to Build a Cheese Board

We recommend at least 3 different cheeses that are distinct from one another in texture, flavor, and age. It’s great to mix up milk types as well. An ideal cheese board might contain a cow’s milk cheese, a semi-firm goat’s milk, or a pungent mixed-milk blue cheese. For our recent picnic, we selected creamy Brie, smoked Gouda, and fresh mozzarella. Plus we added salty prosciutto and garlic Triscuits to our board.

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