We ❤️ Heart of Hospitality

06 Apr 2018 We ❤️ Heart of Hospitality

This week our entire staff participated in a Heart of Hospitality training. Why? Because we care about everyone in our community and we want our customers, longtimers and newcomers, to understand that Liquid Riot is a place where everyone is welcome and safe.

Heart of Hospitality is a training program created to educate restaurant and bar employees about issues of sexual harassment in the workplace. The program was started by a group including Oronde Kruger, who happens to be one of our staff. Having him talk with our crew made this an especially great opportunity for everyone.

In bars and restaurants, harassment and bias situations happen too often. Thanks to Oronde and his colleague Devon Mulligan, our team is more prepared to identify incidents of harassment and know when and how to step in.

To learn more and invite Oronde into your workplace for a training, here’s how to get in touch, email heartofhospitality.me@gmail.com.

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