When You Can’t Eat Anymore Reach For A Digestif This Thanksgiving

24 Nov 2021 When You Can’t Eat Anymore Reach For A Digestif This Thanksgiving

We all know that feeling of when you’ve eaten too much… With too many good food options on Thanksgiving Day you can’t help but try them all. Let’s face it, at that point at the end of the meal when you have to unbutton your pants its a good sign your digestive system is most likely strained. Insert the digestif, which is a drink traditionally taken at the end of a meal to help stimulate your digestion. 

Oftentimes people refer to any drink at the end of a meal as a digestif such as dessert drinks like Irish Cream or Kahlua. However, real digestifs are only a little bit sweet, often quite bitter, and are packed with medicinal herbs and spices that ease indigestion. They are usually taken in a small amount, just an ounce or two. 

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Here at Liquid Riot, we make our very own digestif called Fernet Michaud. Fernet is an Italian style of amaro and it is a bitter and aromatic spirit. Our version begins life as a high-proof organic wheat based Neutral Grain Spirit. We re-distill and charcoal filter this NGS to produce a smooth, neutral base which is then infused with a proprietary blend of 22 botanicals, roots and herbs. It has a distinctly medicinal, slightly menthol-y flavor with notes of spearmint and mint. It’s a serious well balanced drink, classically served straight up or on the rocks.

This Thanksgiving you can keep conversation while at the table instead of collapsing on the couch by pouring a glass of Fernet Michaud and serving it to your guests. Not only will it help subtle your stomach, but it tastes great.

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