Wine & Cider

Updated Aug 3, 2020 @ 11:51 am



Gran Gesta ‘Brut Reserve’ / Macabeo, Xarello, Parellada / Cava, Spain
$9 gls / $34 btl
Elegant Cava with extraordinary flavors of apple, pear and a touch of citrus.

Bruno Zanasi ‘Lambrusco’ / Lambrusco / Italy
$10 gls / $38 btl
Effervescent red wine from Emilia Romania, Italy.

Whites & Orange

Folk Machine ‘White Light’ / Riesling, Tocia, Sauv. Blanc, Muscat / Cali
$9 gls on draft!
Lemon curd, yellow cake, some baking spice and citrus. This wine is a lot of fun. On draft! Order a porron and make it more fun.

La Garagista ‘Harlots & Ruffiano’ / La Crescent / Vermont
$16 gls / $63 btl
White flowers with lively though not flashy apple and citrus fruit. Organic and Biodynamic. No sulfites added.

Liquid Farm ‘White Hill’ / Chardonnay / Cali
$14 gls / $55 btl
Gorgeously bright; lifted, lean, and delicate, it features just a touch of well integrated oak. Touches of pear and red apples make this the perfect Chardonnay.

Esencia Rural ’Pampaneo’ / Airén “orange” / Spain
$9 gls / $34 btl
Biodynamic, aged 2 months in amphora. Notes of white fruit with hints of Mediterranean grass. Produced without adding sulphites.

Rosé & Reds

La Garagista ‘Loup in Bocca’ / Frontenac Gris (Rosé) / Vermont
$16 gls / $63 btl
Explosively fresh with a trace of kumquats, lemons, and mineral underpinnings. Organic, and Biodynamic. No sulfites added.

Clos des Fous ‘Pour ma Gueule’ / Pinot Noir / Chile
$10 gls / $38 btl
Bright cranberry but once it opens up it turns in to ripe red berry fruit. Soft and silky tannins.

Folk Machine ‘Central Coast Pinot Noir’ / Pinot Noir / Cali
$13 gls on draft!
Light weight and light in color with relaxed tannins and medium acid.  Very lively, elegant, and pairs with most foods.

Éric Texier ‘Chat Fou’ / Grenache, Cinsault, Carignan, Chasselas / France
$13 gls / $50 btl
Medium body, plum, orange pulp, slightly spicey on the nose. Elegant mineralality, with a soft long finish. The O.G. of natural wine making!

Oyster River ‘American Red’ / Cabernet Sauvignon, Baco Noir / Maine
$9 gls / $34 btl
Medium-Full bodied, fruit forward, fresh dark berries, blackcurrant. Naitve yeast fermented in a barn, unfiltered.



NV  Fable Farm ‘Fluxion III’ / Vermont
8oz gls – $12 / 750ml – $35
Produced from a blend of cider that had been aging in mixed barrels from 2015 and 2016. Dry, mildly sparkling, traditional method production using maple syrup to initiate secondary fermentation in the bottle.  200 cases made.

2016  Portersfield Cider  ‘Small Batch 16/1’ / Maine
500ml / $32
Produced Fall 2016 from concentrated frozencider and a blend of wild seedlings foraged from Dear Isle, Liberty, and Monmouth.  Slight lingering sweetness is balanced with a pronounced acidity, plus natural tannins and wild fruit.  148 gallons produced.

NV  Fable Farm ‘Emanation’ / Vermont
750ml / $36
Made in the ancestral method form juice both foraged and organically cultivated cider apples.

2019  La Garagista ‘The Flesh and the Bone’ / Vermont
750ml / $48
A soft, textured sparkling expression of the love affair between apples and grapes in Vermont.  A still base wine made with the lovely Brianna grape from their vineyard in Vergennes is then seeded with fresh cider from the same vintage right around the time of the third full moon in the new year much like old-fashioned prosecco.  Unfiltered and velvety, fruity and minerally.

2016  Artifact Cider ‘Fromlostiano’ / Massachusetts
750ml / $42
Spontaneous fermentation of Holstein, Ananas Reinette, Newtown Pippin, and Dabinett from Scott Farm Orchard in Dummerston, VT.

2017  Fuente Guijarro ‘Ancestral’ / Spain – Cortijo Fuente
750ml / $36
Single fermentation using ancient methods.  Produced in the South of Spain 2000 meters above sea level allowing the fruit to fully ripen.
Bright, tart, and full bodied.

Modern Rose

2017  Fable Farm ’Vinous Venus’ / Vermont
750ml / $42
A pink-hued, apple-grape wine created in the traditional method. Macerated red grape pomace and fresh red grape clusters containing residual sugars post pressing were co-fermented with a blend of foraged apple juice. The wine was then pressed off and sent down to their cellar to age in cultured wood barrels for a year, before bottling sparkling.