Winter Beer: Winter Activities to Cheer with Our Beers!

21 Dec 2022 Winter Beer: Winter Activities to Cheer with Our Beers!

Winter is almost in full swing! With some snow storms and chilly days ahead we have some recommendations on what kind of beers we like to pair with a fun winter day activity! Keep scrolling to see our favorite winter beer and the winter activities we like to pair with it…

Heading off to hit the slopes? Bring a few packs of Powder Stash along with you. These are bold and juicy for a perfect winter beer after a great day on the slopes. 

Powder Stash IPA has a 7% ABV and is a double dry hopped Head Stash Winter Edition. 

Our winter beer Powder Stash

Snowed inside binge watching your favorite show all day? Be sure to have some Renaissance by your side. 

Renaissance Red Ale has a 6% ABV with a medium, slightly sweet body and a wisp of citrus hop character from a small dose of Chinook and Amarillo with British yeast strain. 

Our winter beer Renaissance Red Ale

The holidays are coming up which means someone will be doing lots of cooking and baking. Our Mocha Stout would help out with that! 

Mocha Stout has a 9% ABV and is an Imperial Milk Stout, brewed with Tandem Coffee and Ghana cacao nibs. 

Our winter beer Mocha Stout

No one likes to shovel but sometimes we need to get it done. SFW might make shoveling a little more bearable!

Safe For Work has a 8% ABV is a double IPA. It might help you out with the shoveling.

Our winter beer SFW

Grab some friends and some Nama and head to an ice rink for some skating and a game of ice hockey!

Nama, Japanese for ‘fresh’. Light, clean lager inspired by the 100% malt Japanese lagers.

Our winter beer Nama

Although you never need an excuse to enjoy our winter beer! Visit us at 250 Commercial Street Portland Maine 04101 to check out all of our beers in stock or visit your local bottle shop for the latest and greatest Liquid Riot beer and spirits.

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