Wonderful Deluxe Is Finally Here!

01 Jul 2022 Wonderful Deluxe Is Finally Here!

The wait is over. Liquid Riot’s latest and greatest lager beer, which has been made in collaboration with Thoroughfare, is finally here.

Wonderful Deluxe is as luxurious as it sounds, and tastes just as delicious. No Fourth of July barbecue would be complete without a case of this superior lager beer. Just make sure you get enough for everyone. 

Wonderful Deluxe is available to be picked up from Thoroughfare in Yarmouth, which is open Wednesday thru Friday from 11 to 7 and Saturday from 10 to 7, as well as directly from Liquid Riot in the Old Port, which is open seven days a week. Inspired by the menu at Thoroughfare, this light, crushable lager pairs well with burgers, fries, and milkshakes.  

Not only is Wonderful Deluxe made with love from Liquid Riot and Thoroughfare Maine, it is also made with locally sourced Maine ingredients, just like Thoroughfares classic Smash-Burger and Liquid Riot’s fresh farm burger which will elevate any summer barbecue or party. With the right bites and brews, you’re bound to have a Wonderful Deluxe time. 😉

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