The Liquid Riot Bottling Company was established on the waterfront in Portland’s Old Port, just blocks from City Hall and the location of the Portland Rum Riot, in homage to those that fought for their beverage of choice. As Maine’s first Brewery/Distillery/Resto-Bar, we take all the passion and energy of these past riots and put it into our own liquids, bottled or on tap, made fresh locally for your enjoyment.

  • Blushing-Star
    Gold Victory.

    You know that feeling of being completely startled by something really wonderful? It’s so good, right? It’s exactly how we felt last week in Philly ...

  • Agua
    Cinco de Mayo at Liquid Riot

    If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, look no further than El Camino – our Mexican style lager. It’s on draft only, and we&#...

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250 Commercial St, Portland, ME
Sun-Thu: Noon to 11pm
Fri & Sat: Noon to 1am

Primus Cans

Canning Day

We can beer regularly on Wednesdays, and on these days fresh cans will be ready for sale here at the brewery and at your favorite local beer stores by the end of the week! Check the facebook page and instagram accounts for more info!

Fernet Michaud

Latest Offerings

Now available in bottles to take home and across the bar, Fernet Michaud, Maine’s first Fernet!

Now on tap IPAwesome volume 6, the sixth installment in our series of experimental IPA’s. Bursting with flavors of kiwi, strawberry, peach, citrus, and mango delivered to you by Galaxy, idaho 7, Chinook, and Crystal hops and a new fruity yeast strain.

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