Code of Conduct

Liquid Riot Bottling Co.

Code of Conduct

Core Values of Liquid Riot

  • INNOVATIVE; trying new things, always looking to better oneself.
  • INTEGROUS; doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.
  • RESPECTFUL; for ourselves and others. Constant education and initiative to act.
  • PROGRESSIVE; evolving menu, evolving team. Ongoing development. Passion for excellence.
  • COLLABORATIVE; building relationships, working together. United, team atmosphere.

Everyone is Welcome Initiative

  1. Liquid Riot will not accept any form of discrimination or harassment on any grounds including, but not limited to, gender, sexuality, race, religion or belief, social class, health, age or disability.
  2. Guests engaging in conversations that involve derogatory comments or words and phrases that we feel are discriminatory, or that make our other guests or staff uncomfortable, will be warned once, if it continues you will be asked to leave and face a possible life ban.
  3. We will not stock products with sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or any other discriminatory branding.
  4. We will always seek to protect our guests and employees in the event of any form of discrimination or concern for safety.
  5. We seek to make Liquid Riot as accessible as possible, if you identify anything that we could improve, please know that your input is welcome and we will do our best to act on it.
  6. Persons who do have concerns or act as witnesses shall be free from retaliation.
  7. If you feel our staff haven’t met your concerns with sufficient urgency or abide by this initiative, please let Matthew Marrier know immediately in person or email