Wine-Cider-Hard Seltzer-Kombucha

Updated May 27, 2023 @ 12:21 pm



Nierano ‘Prosecco D.O.C.’ / Veneto, Italy
11% / 6oz / $12 gls / $39 btl
Fine persistent froth. White with greenish tints. Fruity flavor, lightly sparkling with a harmonious and full.


RAS ‘Source Decay’ / Maine
8% / 6oz / $14 (On Draft)

A dry, savory sparkling wine made from organic Maine wild blueberries grown on a single barren in Whiting, Maine. Flavors are deep, mouthfeel is simultaneously gentle and persistent, overall balance and harmony are striking.


‘Two by Sea’ / California
12.5% / 6oz / $14 (On Draft)

A California Central Coast rose. Rose all day!


Root Wild Grapefruit Shine Kombucha / Portland ME
1% / 12oz / $7

Ahh, grapefruit. So unassuming and modest, but the most popular in the group nonetheless. Let us count the ways we love you… You never fail to amaze with your incredible blend of citrusy mosaic hops and hibiscus, which lends itself to your rosy glow. You may be a bit tart, but always the right amount. How is it that you manage to win over even the most apprehensive of booch samplers? We may never know your secrets, but that’s okay.


Artifact ‘Upta Camp’ /  Cambridge, MA
6.6% / 10oz / $9
Juicy cider made with wild Maine blueberries.

Hard Seltzer

Après ‘Pine Rickey’ /  Portland, ME
5% / 12oz / $9
Delicate, citrusy, floral.

Après ‘So Was Red’ /  Portland, ME
5% / 12oz / $9
Subtly sweet and tangy with raspberry and rhubarb.