Beer Archive

Updated Apr 24, 2018 @ 1:47 pm

In no particular order…

Mass Consumption Ale     4% ABV  –  10.5 Plato

Hoppy session ale using British malts, local organic oats, and dank hops from US and NZ.

El Camino     4.8% ABV  –  11 Plato

Mexican-style light lager. Brewed with two types of barley and flaked maize, fermented with authentic Mexican lager yeast, Conditioned below freezing, served ice cold.

Black Camaro      5.5% ABV  –  14 Plato

Collaboration with Bunker Brewing. Big American hops meet dark malt and Czech Pils yeast. A black IPL?

Bobo Pivo    4.8% – 11.7 Plato

Czech-style Pils. Simple, soft, balanced and highly drinkable.

Zwicklebier    5% – 12 Plato

German-style lager lightly dry hopped with Tettnang and Hersbrucker.

‘finiti Pils     5.5% ABV  –  12 Plato

Clean, hoppy pils using German malts & Saaz and Tettnang hops. Lagered 6 weeks for a bright, crisp right flavor.

Biere De Mars     5.4%   –  12 Plato

In the fashion of French farmhouse ales, using barley, spelt, wheat and European hops. Clean and crisp with softs notes of malts and a whisp of smoke.

Altbier    5.2%  –  12.5 Plato

Collaboration with Tod Mot of up and coming Tributary Brewing. Co.  a classic rendition of the mellow, balanced altbiers of Germany. Nutty, slightly sweet, clean.

Kellerwood   5%  –  12 Plato

Our Kellerbier (German-style “cellar” beer, brewed using classic German technique including a decoction mash) fermented and lagered ENTIRELY in oak barrels.

Disbelief    8%    18 Plato

Strong, dark Belgian-style ale. rich and complex, notes of dark fruit and cocoa. Belgian malts, house made dark candi sugar, local maple syrup.

Special Ale    7.8%        17 Plato

UK-style winter warmer. Malty, nutty, notes of toffee and caramel. Rich and complex.

Lumber Smack Double IPA      9%        17.5 Plato

Brewed to honor the champion of the ladies arm wrestling event Over The Hops. Bold, piney, aged on wood.

Rauchbier     5.3%        13 Plato

German style lager using 80% beechwood smoked malt. Notes of campfire, BBQ, bacon.

Obscurity Imperial Stout    10%        21 Plato

Big American-style Imperial Stout with a complex grain bill including oats, malted and unmalted barley, and shit tons of dark malts.

Head Stash IPA    7%        15 Plato

Bold American IPA brewed with Pilsner malt and intensely hopped with highly aromatic and flavorful American hops. Originally brewed as a collaborative ale with Oxbow Brewing Company.

Wolf Neck Rye     6.5%        15.6 Plato

American Red Ale brewed with a plethora of specialty malts, good ol’ Centennial hops, and a heavy dose of rye malt.

Oatmeal Stout     5.5%        13.5 Plato

UK-style oatmeal stout brewed with all British ingredients. Smooth, velvety texture with notes of chocolate and oats.

Won IPA         6%        14.5 Plato

A balanced, easy-drinking American-style IPA using a blend of  punchy American hops including Centennial, Chinook and Amarillo.

Azacca IPA     6.8%        14.7 Plato

Single hop American IPA using Belgian malts and the new hop variety Azacca. Notes of melons, citrus, tropical fruits.

Primus        4.3%         10.2 Plato

Belgian-style table beer. Blonde, noble hops, trappist yeast.

Barrel Aged Quad        10%     22.5 Plato

Belgian-style Quad aged 7 months in oak barrels. Rich, malty, complex.

Small Baltic Porter     5.2%        12.8 Plato

A session Baltic Porter, fermented with lager yeast. Notes of roasted malt and chocolate, clean and easy to drink.

Barrel Aged Imperial Porter 2013      9%      18.5 Plato

Strong Porter aged in Breckenridge bourbon barrels. Notes of whiskey, toasted oak, chocolate, coffee, and vanilla.

Blonde     6.5%        14.5 Plato

A dry and slightly hoppy rendition of a Belgian Blonde. Made exclusively with Belgian malts, Perle and Styrian Goldings hops, Belgian yeast.

Bruin        5.7%                  13.5 Plato

Brown, lightly hopped, nutty with a dry finish. Belgian yeast, German malts, noble hops.

Tripel         8.8%                  19 Plato

Pale, blonde, fruity, dry Belgian-style tripel using Belgian malts, golden candi sugar, and German hops.

Infinitely DIPA        8.8%        17.5 Plato

West coast inspired Double IPA with a stiff regimen of New Zealand hops. Clean, light bodied with 5 varieties of assertive hops from down under! Dry hopped twice for twice the fun.

PilNZ        5%        12 Plato

Double decoction czech-style pilsner brewed with all New Zealand hops, fermented wicked cold!

War Dark    4.7%        11 Plato

The Dark Warror. Belgian-style light stout brewed in collaboration with Warren Cathro of Toronto. Light body and dark as night with roasted notes of coffee and hints of noble hops.

Barrel Aged Quad        10%    22 Plato

Strong Belgian-style Quad brewed with Trappist yeast and dark candy sugar, and barrel matured in Oak barrels for 6+ months.

Sour Trouble        7.4%    17 Plato

A sour brown ale utilizing Lactobacillus in the kettle. Originally brewed with Urbain Couteau of De Struisse in Belgium.

Transwestiet        10%    21 Plato

In collaboration with Urbain Couteau of De Struisse in Belgium. A Belgian-style Quad using simply pilsner malt and dark candy sugar.

#1 Dad        15%    31.5 Plato

In collaboration with Urbain Couteau of De Struisse in Belgium. Aggressive, heavily hopped IPA clocking in at 15% abv!

Juntos Pale Ale    5%    12.2 Plato

In collaboration with Carlos Rodriguez of Ales Agullons in Spain.  Maris Otter malt, experimental hops, American Ale yeast.

Nordic Farmhouse    7%        15.5 Plato

Sahti inspired ale brewed with locally sourced malted barley, smoked malt, oats, rye, wheat, hops, and juniper boughs. Originally a collaboration with Kjetil Jikiun of Nogne-o in Norway.

De La Sour Wit    4.1%    10.5 Plato

Collaboration with Yvan De Baets of De La Senne, Belgium. A Belgian witbier using spicy Belgian yeast, Sorachi Ace hops, Lactobacillus, and no spices.

Cannonball XPA    5.4%        12.7 Plato

Inspired by the virtuosic style of jazz saxophonist Cannonball Adderley. Punchy hops, Halcyon malt, American Ale yeast.

TeaSB    5.5%        13 Plato

Collaboration with Black Hog of Connecticut, an classic ESB aged on fancy tea.

Dundee Koelsch    4.8%        12 Plato

Based on the clean, quaffable Kolschbiers of Germany, But using loud Australian hops. Highly crushable for the warm summer days! Brewed with Shahin Alireza Khojastehzad of Novare Res Bier Cafe.

Rumschpringefest    5.3%        13 Plato

Oktoberfest-style Marzen brewed with Tom Bull of the late Bull Jagger brewing fame. Clean, malty and smooth, lagered for several weeks.

Intergalactica    5.6%        13.2 Plato

This “India Pale Lager” uses flavorful German malts and Perle and Galaxy hops to create a clean, crisp lager with bold hop notes.

Hellesbock    6.5%        15.7 Plato

Strong blond lager using German malts and a healthy dose of noble hops.

Saison Melifera    5.5%        11.5 Plato

A honey saison brewed with our friends at Maine Meadworks. Orange blossom honey, pilsner malt, classic saison yeast.

Killing        5%        12.5 Plato

Our holiday ale using Lactobacillus and 200 lbs fresh, local cranberries for a tart finish and a blood red hue.

Kellerbier        5%        12 Plato

Authentic German-style “cellar” beer, brewed using classic German technique including a decoction mash. Open fermented with German lager yeast.

Burton IPA        6.4%        14.5 Plato

19th century Britain inspired IPA using all British ingredients. Crisp, earthy, grassy, bitter.

Burton Ale    5.9%        14 Plato

Easy drinking British-style pale ale inspired by the hoppy ales brewed in Burton on trent in the 19th century. Nutty, and smooth with fruity notes from the yeast and the hops.

Put Yer Dukes Up    4.3%        10 Plato

An ode to Caledonian Brewing Co. in Scotland, this session UK-style IPA should be consumed in quantities while conversing with friends.

American Pale Ale 6% – 13.4 Plato

This APA uses a clean malt base as a backdrop for Columbus, Centennial and Calypso hops.  Hops were added every 10 minutes during an 80 minute boil and a dry-hop addition was made in secondary giving floral and citrusy notes with a distinctive and bitter finish.

Dub’stash DIPA   8.6% – 17.7 Plato

We doubled down on Headstash IPA; more malt, more hops, more abv and double dry-hopped to boot.  Only 6 bbls produced!

Kristallweizen  5.1%  –  12 Plato

Traditional German-style wheat beer that has been fined and briefly lagered for a clear, crisp flavor. All German ingredients including new hop varietal Mandarina Bavaria.

Ka$h Money IPA 6.3% – 14.5 Plato

Blond IPA using Cashmere, Azacca, and Citra hops and British pale malt. Bright, fruity, and clean with restrained bitterness.

Oats M’goats     8.6%  |  18 Plato

Imperial stout brewed with a lot of oats, served on Nitro.

Pushing Black 6.4% – 14.7 Plato

American Black Ale using dark, roasted malts.  Deep brown to black with subtle chocolate and roast.  Galaxy and Citra hops give citrus and fruit notes.

Small Bollox 5.2% – 12.6 Plato

A spin on our small Baltic Porter we affectionately call “Small Balls”, this is the same recipe using a British yeast instead.  Traditional British Porter, dark and roasty with notes of coffee and coco.

Paul Bunyan Pilsner  5.5% – 13 Plato

Pre-prohibition style American Pilsner brewed with domestic lager yeast and rice, producing a crisp, light, yellow fizzy beer.

 Mocha Stout     5% – 15 Plato

Milk Stout brewed with lactose sugar, cocoa nibs, and freshly roasted Costa Rican La Cabana coffee from Matt’s Wood Roasted Organic Coffee.

 Jewel Box Bronze     6% – 13.8 Plato

Hoppy amber beer brewed with caramel and roasted malts and Simcoe and Chinook hops for the local cocktail bar The Jewel Box.

 Ball & Chain     3.4% – 8.6 Plato

German-style Berliner Weisse brewed for bartender Terry’s wedding. Optionally served with house made raspberry syrup.

 Harvest Rye     7.1% – 16.5 Plato

Hoppy, dark amber beer brewed with 21% rye malt and finished with a plethora of fresh hops from The Hop Yard.

 I.P.A.wesome volume 1     6.4% – 14 Plato

Double dry-hopped IPA featuring Citra, Simcoe, and Rakau hops and Gleneagle Maris Otter malt.

 I.P.A.wesome volume 2     6.2% – 14 Plato

Crushable IPA with fruity, tropical hop aromatics. Featuring Ella, Cashmere, Centennial, and Apollo hops.

 I.P.A.wesome volume 3     6.5% – 15 Plato

Featuring Golden Promise malt and Citra, Columbus, and Motueka hops.

 I.P.A.wesome volume 4     6% – 13.8 Plato

A blonde IPA brewed with 20% wheat, featuring experimental hop NJ-007.

I.P.Awesome vol. V 7.4% – 16.3 Plato

Featuring British base malt and Equinox hops.

IPAwesome vol. XI  6.5%        14.8 Plato

from our series of experimental IPA’s, this batch is bursting with fruit notes, particularly kiwi, strawberry, mango, and peach. Featuring Galaxy and Idaho 7 hops.

Raspy Trouble 7.4% | 17 Plato

A sour brown ale aged on Maine grown raspberries. Sour tartness blends with chocolate and dark fruit.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Obscurity   11% – 21 Plato

Our large Imperial Stout aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels.  Rich and roasty with touches of bourbon and oak.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Triple   10% – 19.3 Plato

A classic Belgian style Triple ale; pale blonde with slight fruit and hop notes.  Dry with hints of vanilla, bourbon and oak from it’s stay in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels.

What’s in the Box?     9% – 18 Plato

Double IPA using Citra, Mosaic, Equinox, Southern Cross, Galaxy.

Doréebier     5.8% – 14 Plato

Golden blond, hoppy belgian-style beer. Dry hopped with European varieties for a spicy, floral flavor and aroma.

Cuvée Ambrée   7.4% – 17 Plato

Belgian yeast and specialty grains give subtle complexity.  Smooth and drinkable.

Black Mamba- 7.5%- 16.7 Plato

a dry hopped black lager brewed for the winner of Over The Hop 2, Black Mamba! made with German malts, pilsner yeast, Citra and Centennial hops.

Straight to Black – 11% – 23.5 Plato

Russian Imperial Stout, plain and simple.  Lots of chocolate and dark fruit notes with a big, full bodied finish that hides the alcohol very well.

Lagerbier     5%  –  12 Plato

Classic German Helles brewed with Chavez from Allagash. Blond in color with light, bready maltiness and subtle hopping; perfect for quaffing!

Irish Goodbye     4.1% – 10.5 Plato

Our version of an Irish Stout, dark and bold with dominant flavors of roasted barley and British hops. Served on Nitro for enhanced creaminess!

3 Guns     9% – 19.3 Plato

Dark, Belgian-style strong ale brewed with candy sugar and Canadian yeast. Notes of burnt caramel, cocoa, and fruity yeastiness.

Single Hop:  Wakatu     6% – 14 Plato

Featuring the Wakatu hop from New Zealand.  Slight spicy and herbal notes dominated by fruity esters and flavors.  Orange marmalade in particular.

Half Stash    3.5% – 9 Plato

Collaboration with Oxbow Brewing Co. Bright, highly aromatic session beer brewed with the mentality of Head Stash IPA but with half the alcohol.

Rauchbock     6.5%        15 Plato

Moderately strong German-style bock, but using 80% smoked malt providing strong notes of campfire and smoke, backed by rounded maltiness and a hint of sweet.

Coconut Porter   5.4% – 13.8 Plato

Robust Porter put to 75lbs of toasted and shredded coconut for two week.  Lots of roasted flavor with a healthy coconut background.  Mounds bar in a glass!

Mob Scene    6.5%        15 Plato

Balanced, medium bodied IPA using NZ and US hops producing lively fruit flavors including lime zest, papaya, and grapefruit peel, mixed with hints of a bag of weed.

Kinderbock   2.5%– 8.3 Plato

A lager brewed for full flavor, yet very lightly hopped and very low in alcohol.

The Brass     4.7%      12 Plato

Amber lager featuring new German hop Hallertauer Blanc. Lightly hoppy, fruity, smooth in the finish.

Albino   5.5%– 14 Plato

Our version of a white stout made with Oats and lactose sugar and infused with vanilla and Cocoa.

Low Country Blonde   6%– 13.6 Plato

French farmhouse blonde brewed with pilsner malt and saaz hops. Crisp, hoppy, flavorful.

Walter Wit   8.5%– 17 Plato

Wheat Triple aged in mead barrels for 10 months with brettanomyces. Funky, fruity, notes of oak.

Heart of Glass    7.3%- 15.5 Plato

Slightly sour blonde beer aged 6 months in stainless steel with brettanomyces.

Man Child    5.2%  –   12.7 Plato

American Pale Ale brewed with Belgian malts and American hops. Crisp and hoppy with pleasant maltiness.

Belgo Export Stout    6.1%  –   15 Plato

Dry stout brewed with Belgian yeast and dark candy sugar. Fruity with notes of coffee and dark fruit.

Heart of Glass    7%  –   16 Plato

Slightly sour blonde beer aged 6 months in stainless steel with Brettanomyces. Tart, fruity, and funky.

I.P.Awesome vol. V 7.4% – 16.3 Plato

Featuring British base malt and Equinox hops.

IPAwesome vol. VI  6.5%        14.8 Plato

from our series of experimental IPA’s, this batch is bursting with fruit notes, particularly kiwi, strawberry, mango, and peaches.

Gray Matter 5% – 11.2 Plato

Dry Stout made from the second runnings of our imperial stout Straight to Black.

Funk- Schpringefest     6% -12 Plato

2014 Rumschpringefest aged in oak with multiple Brett strains for 12 months.

NSFW Triple IPA    10%        19 Plato

our 200th batch of beer, a Triple IPA dry hopped four times. It’s wicked hoppy.

Cuvée De Don   11%        22 Plato

Quad aged 18 months in a barrel with Brettanomyces and Maine raspberries. Rich, and complex with notes of chocolate and raspberry jam.

Raspy Trouble   7.4% | 17 Plato

A sour brown ale aged on Maine grown raspberries. Sour tartness blends with chocolate and dark fruit.

Zwicklebier    5% | 13 Plato

Unfiltered German-style lager, dry hopped with Tettnang and Hersbrucker.

Zombie Bunny    6.6% | 16 Plato

German-style Maibock, a strong and hoppy lager brewed for Springtime consumption.

Saison Cliché    6.8% | 15 Plato

Saison brewed with honey, aged 6 months in stainless with Brettanomyces, and with wild Maine blueberries for the last 4 months.

Careless Whyspers    10.5% | 22.5 Plato

The first in our house beer series for Novare Res Bier Cafe. A big triple brewed with 150 lbs of house made candy sugar, hopped with Galaxy.

Zuur Fleur    6% | 13 Plato

Tart blonde ale dry hopped with Cashmere hops.

IPAwesome vol. VII  7% | 15 Plato

from our series of experimental IPA’s, this batch is featuring Maine grown and malted barley from Blue Ox Malthouse and Azacca, Chinook, and Centennial hops.

IPAwesome vol. VIII  4.8% | 11 Plato

from our series of experimental IPA’s, this batch has a touch of oats, and features Mosaic, and Idaho 7 hops, and was dry hopped with nice dose of Mosaic Hop Hash

De la Sour     4.1%  |  10.5 Plato

Lightly soured witbier brewed without spices, gently dry hopped with Sorachi Ace hops.

Sour Pils     5%  |  11 Plato

Sour lager brewed in collaboration with Smuttlabs in NH.

A Beer Has No Name  8.4%  |  17.4 Plato

Double IPA made with British base malt and Idaho 7, Mosaic, Citra, and Chinook hops. So juicy!

Field Tripper  4.8%  |  12 Plato

Brewed with our friends at the Bearded Lady Jewel Box, a sour wheat beer aged on rose pedals and citrus zest.

Suns out Guns out  6.5%  |  15 Plato

Summer IPA using Vic Secret hops and British yeast. Get them guns out!

Spiritus Sancti  11.2%  |  23.5 Plato

High gravity Quad using two types of Candy sugar and pilsner malt. Rich yet surprisingly smooth.

Blue Note  6%  |  15 Plato

British-inspired Porter. Smooth notes of chocolate, coffee, and dried fruit.

My Precious   5%  |  12 Plato

Kolsch brewed with Tettnang and a plethora of NZ hops.

Hopfenweiss   6%  |  15 Plato

Hop forward weissbier using NZ hops.

Ichigo Cream   6%  |  15 Plato

Strawberry cream ale using Sake yeast and freshly picked local fruit.

Some of our beers can also be found at select bars and bottle shops throughout Maine.