When it comes to our food we develop dishes with quality and care to reflect both traditional comforts and new interpretations. We are fortunate in being able to source the majority of our high quality meat, produce, dairy and seafood fresh from Maine farms and fisheries. We take time and energy to produce sauces, charcuterie and breads from scratch in our own kitchen and work to create flavors that pair well with our house beers and signature cocktails. We also follow nature’s lead and utilize foods seasonally in our regular menu as well as showcase them in our daily specials.

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Kimchi Snack – Napa cabbage, daikon, chillis, scallion, ginger $4

House Cut Fries – gochujang aioli, Liquid Riot beer cheese or spicy hop mustard $6

House Made Pretzel – Maine sea salt, spicy hop mustard or beer cheese $6

Pickle Plate – Maine cucumbers: “gin craze”, sour & ginger $6

Riot Salad– caramelized fennel, dried cranberries, local apples,
Liquid riot bourbon, lemon & honey vinaigrette $9

Farro Salad – heirloom cherry tomatoes, VT creamery goat cheese, kale, herbs, almond hard cider vinaigrette $9

Beer Braised Pork Belly Bites* – bourbon glaze, pickled red onion, sesame seeds $10

Charcuterie & Cheese Board* – rotating selection of meats and cheeses served with accoutrement $18




Carnitas Tacos* – pulled pork, corn tortilla,  pickled jalapeños, cilantro, radish, shredded lettuce, lime sour cream, cotija   $8

Chinese Takeout Wings – red dragon sauce, lime, sesame seed $12

Fish & Chips* – Liquid Riot beer battered Hake, kimchi remoulade, old bay dusting $14

Steamed Clams & Mussels* – herbed Liquid Riot beer butter,
Standard Baking sourdough $15

North Spore Mushroom Toast – seared assortment of North Spore mushrooms, Liquid Riot Bierschnaps, pickled red onion, arugula, Standard Baking sourdough $12

Beer Braised Pork Nachos – tortilla chips, pulled pork, Monterey Jack, black beans, radish, lettuce, pickled jalapeño, lime sour cream, blistered cherry tomatoes, cilantro $15

Poutine – house cut fries, Pineland Farms cheddar cheese curds, mushroom beer gravy, squash puree, arugula $13


Add fries or mixed greens for $2

The Vurger – black lentils, black beans, brown rice, cumin-roasted carrots, curry yogurt, arugula, pickled shiitakes, “gin craze” pickles $14

House Burger* – Maine beef, smoked bacon, american cheese, arugula, charred onion, Liquid Riot house sauce $14

East Meets West Burger* – house kimchi, over easy egg, pork belly,
american cheese, arugula $18


Fried Dough – whiskey chocolate ganache $6

Rum Cake – brewers oats, spent grain, coconut glaze, Liquid Riot Dow’s Demise cream $7 


20% Gratuity may be added to parties of 8 or more.

In order to ensure timely service to all of our customers, we offer a maximum of 5 separate checks.

*menu selections and prices are subject to change

* consuming  raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs (i.e. delicious things) may increase your risk of foodborne illness (meh, they say smoking and drinking will kill you too…)