Cocktails & Spirits

Updated Oct 11, 2021 @ 12:40 pm


House Staples

Golden Buddha / Liquid Riot Well…Vodka, Cachaca, Capertif, turmeric, golden beets, lemon / $14

Old Port Painkiller / Liquid Riot Dow’s Demise Rum, passion fruit, coconut, orange, honey, lemon, Peychaud’s / $16

I Like That / Liquid Riot Bierschnaps, Campari, Aperol, hibiscus syrup, lemon, bitters, Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) / $14

Spiced Cranberry Hot Toddy / Liquid Riot Bierschnapps, Dark Rum, cranberry, fresno tincture, cinnamon / $12

Haute Fashioned No. 2 / Liquid Riot Old Port Whiskey blend, sugar, bitters, ice sphere / $17

Signature Cocktails

Pink Sky By Night /  Liquid Riot Well…Vodka, Italicus, Cocchi Rosa, Campari, watermelon, lime / $14

Unfernetable /  Liquid Riot Fernet Michaud, house orange liqueur, house grenadine, house wild lavender tincture, lemon  / $14

Blue Planet / Liquid Riot Dow’s Demise Rum, house orgeat, house Falernum, lemon, passionfruit / $15

‘Ohelo Papa Mai Tai / Liquid Riot Old Port Straight Bourbon, Peloton Mezcal, Dry Curacao, All Spice Dram, House Orgeat, lemon, strawberries, Peychaud Bitters / $16

Coco’s Contraption / Liquid Riot Old Port Rye Whiskey, Aperol, Strega, lemon, wild Maine blueberry syrup, angostura and cocoa bitters / $16

Voodoo Carré / Liquid Riot Old Port Single Malt Whiskey, Martel VS Cognac, Lincoln & Maine 93 Vermouth, Benedictine, cherries / $16

Liquid Riot Slushies

Beer Slushy / Liquid Riot Pace Yourself, A tart refreshing dry hopped Ale brewed with freshly zested Valencia oranges and fermented with tangerine puree.  Blended with fresh squeezed orange juice / $10

Spiced Apple Cider Slushy / Liquid Riot Old Port Oat Whiskey, Snell Family cider, rum, all spice dram, Combier orange, lemon, demerara / $14


Fruit and Bubbles / Rotating fruit flavors with citrus and NA sparkling wine / $8

No Pain, No Gain / Passion fruit, coconut, orange, ginger-honey, lemon / $8

House Distilled Spirits

All spirits are available as a .5oz taste or 2oz pour.

Try a flight / 4 half ounce pours of your choice or our Whiskey flight below

Liquid Riot Whiskey Flight / $17
one half ounce taster of our award winning Bourbon, Oat Whiskey, Rye Whiskey and our Single Malt Whiskey.

Well… Vodka
$3 / $9
Distilled from an organic wheat based neutral grain spirit, triple filtered for taste.

Fernet Michaud
$3 / $9
A unique blend of 21 botanicals and herbs, aged in red wine barrels for 7-12 months make up our award winning digestif.

$3 / $9
Finished beer is distilled and aged 14 months in used whiskey barrels, great as an aperitif.

Bonfire Spirit
$4 / $12
This unique spirit starts its life as a batch of Sebago Brewing Bonfire Rye Ale. Floral and citrus notes of hops.

Dow’s Demise Dark Rum
$4 / $12
Blackstrap molasses, light molasses, and cane juice. Solera aged in used whiskey barrels.

Old Port Oat Whiskey
$5 / $15
Made from grown oats. Aged in American oak barrels for a minimum of 4 years.

Old Port Single Malt Whiskey
$5 / $15
American cherry wood smoked barley is distilled and aged in used Bourbon barrels for 2 years and 10 months.

Old Port Straight Rye Whiskey
$5 / $15
Maine grown organic rye and chocolate malt are distilled and aged for a minimum of 4 years in white oak barrels.

Old Port Straight Bourbon
$5 / $15
New England organic corn, Maine rye, and Maine buckwheat are distilled and aged for 4 years in freshly charred new American oak barrels.