Cocktails & Spirits

Updated Sep 24, 2020 @ 11:39 am


House Staples

LRBC Mule / Liquid Riot Well…Vodka, ginger, lime, honey, soda / $11

Haute Fashioned No. 3 / Liquid Riot Old Port Whiskey blend, M.A.R’s honey, Dove Shanks Amara Oak bitters, ice sphere / $15

Old Port Painkiller / Liquid Riot Dow’s Demise Rum, passion fruit, coconut, orange, honey, lemon, Peychaud’s / $14

Bartender’s Choice / Point us in a direction and let us create something special for you! / $14

Signature Cocktails

Golden Buddha / Liquid Riot Well…Vodka, Cachaca, Capertif, turmeric, golden beets, lemon / $12

Dark Forest / Liquid Riot Old Port Single Malt Whiskey, Punsch, house walnut liqueur, house cocoa bitters / $14

Sterling’s Gold / Liquid Riot Old Port Oat Whiskey, Laphroaig, apple cider reduction, lemon  / $13

Federale Michaud / Liquid Riot Fernet Michaud, Lunazul Blanco Tequila, lime, agave, house orgeat / $12

Downbound Train / Liquid Riot Bieschnaps, Aperol, Combier orange liqueur, bitters, habanero foam / $12

Shrub It Off / Liquid Riot Bonfire Spirit, strawberry & raspberry shrub reduction, crazy clove, soda / $13

Mariposa / Pelton Mezcal, Aperol, house falernum, local strawberries, lemon, bitters / $13

Tiki Cocktails

Mainer Tiki / Liquid Riot Bierschnaps, Liquid Riot Bonfire Spirit, Eden Herbal Apertif, house grenadine, lemon, wormwood / $12

Leaky Skiff / Liquid Riot Old Port Straight Rye, Goss Berry Farm raspberry, house falernum, house orgeat, Don’s Mix, lemon, Angostura bitters / $12

Rum Punch / Liquid Riot Dow’s Demise Rum, Benedictine, Rothman & Winter Cherry Liqueur, pineapple, lime, Angostura bitters / $13


Fruit and Bubbles / Rotating fruit flavors with citrus and NA sparkling wine / $8

No Pain, No Gain / Passion fruit, coconut, orange, ginger-honey, lemon / $8

Homemade Soft Drinks / $5

House Cola
Raspberry Soda
Ginger Soda
Iced Tea
Grapefruit Juice
Pineapple Juice
Orange Juice

Kombucha • Featured Cider • Wine on Draft

(* On draft tasters not available)

Root Wild Kombucha ‘Wild Blueberry’ / Maine
1% / 12oz / $6
Blueberry, lemon thyme, echinacea root.

Anxo ‘Rosé Cider’ / Washington, DC
6.9% / 12oz / $8
Red-fleshed apples impart radiant color and red fruit notes in this apples only Rosé.  Red cider is fermented by Snowdrift in Washington State and blended with GoldRush cider in DC.

Folk Machine ‘White Light’ / Riesling, Tocia, Sauv. Blanc, Muscat / Cali
12% / 6oz / $9
The nose shows a light orange blossom, stone fruits, lime, and a light minerality. The palate has some texture with good acid, and flavors towards orange peel, lime zest, and just there minerality.

Folk Machine ‘Central Coast Pinot Noir’ / Pinot Noir / Cali
13% / 6oz / $12
Light weight and light in color with relaxed tannins and medium acid.  Very lively, elegant, and pairs with most foods.

House Distilled Spirits

All spirits are available as a .5oz taste or 2oz pour

Fernet Michaud
$3 / $8
A unique blend of 21 botanicals and herbs, aged in red wine barrels for 7-12 months make up our award winning digestif.

$3 / $8
Finished beer is distilled and aged 14 months in used whiskey barrels, great as an aperitif.

Bonfire Spirit
$4 / $11
This unique spirit starts its life as a batch of Sebago Brewing Bonfire Rye Ale. Floral and citrus notes of hops.

Dow’s Demise Dark Rum
$4 / $11
Blackstrap molasses, light molasses, and cane juice. Solera aged in used whiskey barrels.

Portland Rum Riot Rum
$5 / $14
A collaboration with New England Distillery and Maine Craft Distilling. Aged 2 years in a NED rye barrel and a MCD single malt barrel then blended in Liquid Riot bourbon barrel for the final year. 3 years of barrel aged rum.

Old Port Oat Whiskey
$4 / $11
Made from grown oats. Aged in American oak barrels for a minimum of 4 years.

Old Port Single Malt Whiskey
$4 / $12
American cherry wood smoked barley is distilled and aged in used Bourbon barrels for 2 years and 10 months.

Old Port Straight Rye Whiskey
$4 / $11
Maine grown organic rye and chocolate malt are distilled and aged for a minimum of 4 years in white oak barrels.

Old Port Straight Bourbon
$4 / $11
New England organic corn, Maine rye, and Maine buckwheat are distilled and aged for 3 years in freshly charred new American oak barrels.

Well… Vodka
$3 / $8
Distilled from an organic wheat based neutral grain spirit, triple filtered for taste.