Cocktails & Spirits

Updated Feb 24, 2024 @ 4:25 pm



Old Port Dirty Martini / American Gin or Vodka, Dolin Dry Vermouth, House Olive Brine/ $14

savory, salty, + aromatic with your choice of gin or vodka

Blueberry Island / Liquid Riot Vodka, Fernet Michaud, Cocchi Bianco, Benedictine, blueberry, lemon, pine bitters / $14

bright + refreshing with and herbal finish

Orchard Haze / Liquid Riot Old Port Rye Whiskey, Laird’s Apple Brandy, Allspice Dram, pear, cinnamon, egg white/ $15

whiskey sour with spiced apple and pear


Apricot Paloma / LR Bierschnapps, Apricot, Lime,Grapefruit, Agave / $13

light, fruity, crushable

Hot Toddy / LR Bonfire, Four Roses Bourbon, Cranberry, Allspice, Cinnamon, Habanero, Lemon / $13

gently spiced cranberry, served hot

Big Rock

Old Port Fashioned / Liquid Riot Old Port Whiskey blend, sugar, bitters / $18

by the books, we let our whiskey shine through

White Horse / LR Gin, Cocchi Bianco, Pisco, Strega, Cardamom Bitters/ $14

anise + cardamom back up our slightly less bitter take on a white negroni

Crushed Ice

Maple Creemee / Fernet Michaud, Averna, Maple, Orgeat, Angostura, Underberg / $16

as bitter as it is sweet, for the amari nerds

Old Port Painkiller / LR Dow’s Demise Rum, Orange, Lemon, Passionfruit, Coconut, Honey, Peychaud’s Bitters / $14

rich + fruity, will bring you right back to summer

Saturn / LR Gin, House Falernum, Orgeat, Passionfruit, Lemon / $15

bright and juicy with a dry, nutty finish

Raspberry Colada / LR Rum Riot Rum, Smith & Cross, Aperol, Wondermint, Pineapple, Raspberry, Lime, Honey / $15

crushable piña colada with raspberry and mint

Forbidden Fruit / LR Bourbon, Rhubarb Amaro, Honey, Blackberry, Lemon, Basil Tincture / $16

herbal and smokey with tart blackberry


Stonepaw Mule / LR Vodka, Barr Hill Tom Cat, Sfumato, Fever Tree Ginger Beer / $15

our smokey Moscow Mule

Strawberry Aperol Spritz / LR Gin, Aperol, Prosecco, Lemon, Strawberry, Club Soda / $14

hints of strawberry, extra crisp & refreshing

For the Table

Punch Bowl Royale / LR Bierschnapps, Wray & Nephew Rum, Cachaça, Limoncello, Pineapple, Lemon, Passionfruit, Hibiscus, Vanilla / Serves 2 – $26 or Serves 4 – $52

fruity, tropical, bright citrus, fun to share with a little flair

Without the Buzz

Fruit and Bubbles / fruit with citrus and Fre non-alcoholic sparkling wine / $10

No Pain, No Gain / Passionfruit, Lemon, Orange, Coconut, Honey / $10

Raspberry Dream / Raspberry, Coconut, Pineapple, Lime / $10

Good Vibrations / Mango, grapefruit, lime, Don’s tiki mix, .8grams Relax CBD by Re:Rx, available at Beach Boys Cannabis Co in Portland. Must be 21 years old / $13

House Distilled Spirits

All spirits are available as a .5oz taste or 2oz pour.

Try a flight / 4 half ounce pours of your choice or our Whiskey flight below

Liquid Riot Whiskey Flight / $19
one half ounce taster of our award winning Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, Single Malt Whiskey and Oat Whiskey.

Liquid Riot Vodka
$3 / $9
Distilled from an organic wheat based neutral grain spirit, triple filtered for taste.

American Gin
$3 / $9
Mild juniper profile on the nose, citrus and cucumber flavors that blossom with each sip. Balanced and approachable.

Fernet Michaud
$3 / $9
A unique blend of 21 botanicals and herbs, aged in red wine barrels for 7-12 months make up our award winning digestif.

$3 / $9
Finished beer is distilled and aged 14 months in used whiskey barrels, great as an aperitif.

Bonfire Spirit
$5 / $12
This unique spirit starts its life as a batch of Sebago Brewing Bonfire Rye Ale. Floral and citrus notes of hops.

Dow’s Demise Dark Rum
$5 / $12
Blackstrap molasses, light molasses, and cane juice. Solera aged in used whiskey barrels.

Portland Rum Riot Rum
$5 / $15
A collaboration with New England Distillery & Maine Craft Distilling. Aged 2 years in a NED rye barrel and a
MCD single malt barrel then blended in Liquid Riot bourbon barrel for the final year. 3 years of barrel aged rum.

Old Port Single Malt Whiskey
$5 / $15
American cherry wood smoked barley is distilled and aged in used Bourbon barrels for 2 years and 10 months.

Old Port Straight Rye Whiskey
$5 / $15
Maine grown organic rye and chocolate malt are distilled and aged for a minimum of 4 years in white oak barrels.

Old Port Straight Bourbon
$5 / $15
Maine corn, Maine rye, and Maine buckwheat are distilled and aged for 4 years in freshly charred new American oak barrels.

Old Port Oat Whiskey
$5 / $15
Maine oats and malted barley distilled and aged for 7 years in American oak. Creamy with notes of cinnamon and vanilla.

Michaud Family Reserve ‘Special B’ Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey
$7 / $21
Bottled at Barrel Strength
Batch 5 – 127 proof – 6 years, 8 months in the barrel
Special B is our take on a wheated Bourbon. Adding wheat to bourbon lends a subtle sweetness and smoothness vs the spicy sharpness and peppery notes associated with rye.  We use Maine grown corn, malted white wheat and malted barley along with a Belgian specialty malt called “Special B”. This malt is traditionally used in Belgian Abbey beers and is known for its rich caramel and raisin notes. This bourbon is packaged at barrel strength and we recommend that some water or ice is added for dilution. It is also best to allow the whiskey to breath for a bit before drinking. These steps help release all the flavors contained in the spirit. You’ll find notes of rich caramel, vanilla, raisin/dried fruit, with a soft and sweet finish.



25% Gratuity may be added pretax to parties of 8 or more.  In order to ensure timely service to all of our guests, we offer a maximum of 5 separate checks.