Our team in the kitchen has as much passion for food as we do beer and spirits.   As the seasons begin to shift, our desire to have the freshest and most local ingredients does not.  Combined, we strive to have a truly craft Maine experience with both food and drink.  Come vibe at our oceanfront space and enjoy.

Updated Jan 25, 2021 @ 1:11 pm

Snacks & Small Plates

Soft Pretzel / Sea Salt, served with spicy hop mustard (V) & bier cheese / $7

House Cut Fries / Maine potatoes served with Bier cheese, gochujang aioli (GF, DF) & spicy hop mustard (GF, V) / $7

Tempura Fried King Trumpet Mushrooms / Tamari chili sauce, sesame, lime (V, GF, DF) / $9

Roasted Beet & Winter Citrus Salad (GF)  / Cara Cara orange, blood orange, fennel, charred chicory, yogurt almond vinaigrette / $13

Roasted Cauliflower  / Marinated mozzarella, black lentils, dates, peanuts, bhel puri, herb honey, tahini vinaigrette / $13

Chipotle BBQ Jackfruit Tacos*(GF,V) / Squash, black bean & tomato relish, avocado mousse, cilantro, corn tortilla / $11

Fish Tacos* / Fried Atlantic Cod, buttermilk lime marinate, cabbage, gochujang aioli, pickled fresno chili peppers, citrus vinaigrette, corn tortilla / $14

Lobster Bao Buns* /  Fresh Maine lobster, brown butter sherry vinaigrette, fine herbs, aioli  / $15

Smoked Oyster Fritters* /  Maine potato, browned butter, slaw, pickled radish, herb aioli / $12

Maine Chicken Wings* / Proudly serving Tide Mill Organic Farm chicken. Choose from Red Dragon sauce (DF) or Maine Buffalo.  Served with charred scallion ranch / $14

Chicken Tamales* / Masa dough, pork jus, red chili sauce, banana leaf wrap / $9

Country Pâté* /  Pork pâté with pistachios & cherries, house pickles, charred house pretzel, spicy hop mustard / $11


Chipotle BBQ Jackfruit (GF, V) / squash, black bean & tomato relish, avocado mousse, cilantro / $11

Fried Atlantic Cod* / Buttermilk lime marinated, gochujang aioli, cabbage, picked Fresno chili peppers, citrus vinaigrette / $14


Red Dragon Chicken Sandwich* / Fried chicken patty, Red Dragon sauce, carrot, fennel, sesame, cilantro, ginger mint pickle, aioli slaw, served on Gross Confection Bars sesame bun / $14

Memphis Burger* / Local beef blended with Memphis spices, smoked bacon, Pineland Farm Smoked Cheddar, tobacco onions, house pickles, Carolina gold BBQ sauce / $14


Liquid Riot Ice Cream & Cookie / Liquid Riot Rye chocolate ice cream with a warm chocolate chip cookie / $7

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

GF= Gluten Free. DF= Dairy Free. V= Vegan.