Beer Meets Wood: OOB Bruin and God of War

23 Sep 2017 Beer Meets Wood: OOB Bruin and God of War

These beers come along only every once and a while and they are not to be missed. These are small batch ales aged in oak and bottle conditioned. Experience them now or cellar for enjoyment at a later and likely extra special date. Available at our Riot retail shop while supplies last.

O.O.B Bruin

Yep, that’s an Old Orchard Beach reference, the famous pier on the label says it all. OOB is our take on a flemish-style sour brown ale. Fermented and aged in oak barrels and brewed with a special blend of wild and traditional yeast strains and souring bacteria.

Tart, and oak-forward with a malty and dry backbone

7.0%, 500 ml bottl
Barrel aged in oak for 24 months
Bottle conditioned

God of War  

Named after Mars, God of War is a barrel aged Biere de Mars. This “beer for keeping” was cellared in a barrel with funk-forward Brettanomyces strains for a long secondary fermentation.

Soft notes of bready malt accompany barnyard funk flavors and aromatics with a musty, oaky finish

5.7% 500 ml bottles
Barrel aged in oak for 7 months
Bottle conditioned



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