Return Of The Lager…Hopefully

22 May 2017 Return Of The Lager…Hopefully

…Light lagers in particular, that is.  Hey gang!  Russell here, one of the brewers here at Liquid Riot.  I wanted to put in my two cents (Euros?  Deutschmarks?) on the subject of lagers these days.  I’m not one for op-eds or pushing my opinion in general but I felt the need to express my joy and excitement for the fact that lagers, dare I say it, seem to be making a major come back these days.

This may be old news to some of you.  Those of us who make our living in the beer industry I think have seen this coming for a little while now.  There are also those of us who never left our old friend and have quietly waited by lager’s side for it’s time to shine once again.  I like to think one of the true tests of a brewery is their ability to make a good lager.  And on a side note here, when I say lager I’m entirely excluding anything made by AB/Miller/Coors or whatever they are all know as now.  I enjoy them as much as the next guy but I’m going for a little more of a traditional vibe here.

We’re talking about German styles of beer here to be clear, excluding Gose, Hefeweizen, Krystalweizen, etc.  Ok, I’ll give you Altbier and Kolsch as they are conditioned in a similar fashion but keep your eye on those Hellesbiers and Pilsners!  Give me a German, Bohemian or Czech variation, I’m not picky!

I’ll give a quick plug and some props here to our friends at Oxbow Brewing for something else exciting relating to lagers on the horizon as well.  Their Pils & Love event is set to happen in mid July and will feature, you guessed it, all Pilsners all made as traditionally as possible I’m told.  And of course, Liquid Riot will be featuring a Pilsner there also!

We at Liquid Riot always try to have at least a lager or two available on draught and lagers have always been an import part of our beer program.  At the moment we’re featuring a number of them on our draught lines:  Zombie Bunny; a Hellesbock featuring Mandarina Bavaria hops, El Camino; our Mexican style light lager and Lagerbier; our version of a traditional German Helles lager.  Coming soon also look for the second version of Bobo Pivo; our Pilsner collaboration with Novare Res!

Russell Hoskins