A visit to Portersfield Cider

Portersfield Cider

09 Sep 2019 A visit to Portersfield Cider

We love to go out to the farms we work with to visit, and Portersfield Cider in Pownal is one of our favorite places to go.









First of all, the tasting room is full of gorgeous (and delicious!) ciders. These aren’t quite ready yet but you can already tell they’re going to be rich and flavorful.

We took time to look at the apples and the orchard









And to say hello to the chickens








And to pick some goldenrod for the resto-bar









before we got to the purpose of our visit – the aronia berries. Also known as choke berries, these are indigenous to Maine and are very tart. Thanks to our relationship with Portersfield Cider, when they have used as many as they want for their cider, we are able to pick berries for us to use here at Liquid Riot. Last year we used the aronia berries in a syrup, a cordial and made aronia infused mezcal. We’ll keep you posted about how they get used this year! If you have never seen an aronia berry they look like this:



And at Portersfield you’ll find them in Aronia, a dry blend of apples, elderberry and aronia juices.











We’ll let you know what we do with our berries soon. And if you haven’t visited Portersfield Cider, they are open Wednesday – Saturday afternoons for the season. Maine’s Open Winery Day is coming up on Saturday, September 21 from 1-5:30 and Portersfield Cider has a full day planned, including cider tastings and a performance by local trio Le Bon Truc, who will play traditional French country music from 2-4.