Cinnamon Girl Drink Recipe

27 Jan 2022 Cinnamon Girl Drink Recipe

Joining us on our back patio this wintery afternoon is Cassandra Sears from The Remedy Cocktail Co. A clinically-trained herbalist, she put herself through herb-school bartending. She now combines her two passions in her mobile bar service that offers apothecary cocktails and herbal tonic superfood mocktails. Today she’s sharing with us a custom cocktail using our Old Port Oat Whiskey called the Cinnamon Girl. Keep reading for the drink recipe and to learn more about using fresh, locally sourced ingredients with healing properties in your cocktails….

What was your inspiration behind the Cinnamon Girl drink? What are some of the healing properties associated with the ingredients used? 

I was inspired to mix with the Oat Whiskey because I love that you use Maine Oats for this spirit. A lot of people don’t realize how many grains & other food staple crops that Maine grows. The Oat Whiskey is smooth & creamy- I thought it would be perfect for an egg white sour, one of my favorite recipe templates to work with. Some of the seasonal ingredients I mixed with are mandarin oranges, organic orange peels, local & wild shaved Birch Bark and Birch Polypore mushroom. 

For this recipe, more of the Wintergreen taste of the Birch bark comes through and it’s super tasty. Birch Bark is an anti-inflammatory & analgesic (pain reliever) that is high in salicylates & smells delicious. I built the flavor profile in the syrup to compliment the Birch, with added Birch polypore (bitter), Ginger (spicy), Orange Peel, and Cinnamon. Both the bitter components in the cocktail and the chemistry in Cinnamon help to regulate blood sugar (something that’s often altered with the consumption of alcohol). Cinnamon and Ginger are both warming spices that gently move the blood & warm the digestion in the Wintertime. I would suggest if one’s palate is sensitive to bitters, to omit the Birch Polypore (Fomitopsis betulina) from the decoction recipe and instead add 1-2 ml of Birch Polypore tincture to the recipe. I wanted to add the Birch Polypore because it is a mushroom that is often found on the beautiful Birch tree.

Cinnamon Girl Drink Recipe


1.5 oz Liquid Riot Old Port Oat Whiskey
1 oz Birch Bark Syrup (see below)
.75 Lemon Juice
1 oz Mandarin Juice
1 Farm-Egg White
Cinnamon Powder
2 ml Chocolate-SweetFern Bitters (optional)


Dry Shake all ingredients in shaker (no ice), then Shake with ice, then double strain into a coupe glass with a cinnamon rim.

To make the Birch Bark Syrup you can use any type of Birch tree that grows in Maine. When cutting branches, make sure you use share pruners and cut down to the next node & at an angle. Depending on the size of branch or twig, you can use a draw knife or regular kitchen knife to shave the bark. Bring water to a boil & simmer all ingredients on med-high for about 30 minutes. Strain and add equal part Maine Maple Syrup as strained decoction.

1.5 cup of water
1/4 cup of Birch Bark
2 slices fresh Ginger
1 small (palm sized Birch Polypore)
1 Cinnamon Stick
Peel from one organic orange