Fernet Michaud Is Available Nationwide

12 Apr 2022 Fernet Michaud Is Available Nationwide

We are so excited to announce our beloved Fernet Michaud is now available in New York! The best news is that also means you can order from other states and they can ship it throughout the US.

You can buy it at PLG Drink and Slope Cellars and have it shipped nationally

With earthy notes of bitter aloe, rhubarb and fennel, and a smooth palate and pleasant minty finish, Fernet Michaud is a true drinking bitter. It’s great as a digestive after a nice meal, sipped neat or on the rocks, or mixed in a craft-cocktail at home or at the bar.

It’s currently available to try at the bitters cocktail bar Amor y Amargo in the Lower East Side and at Eavesdrop cocktail bar in Brooklyn.

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