Head Stash: Liquid Riot x Oxbow Brewing Company

09 Jun 2023 Head Stash: Liquid Riot x Oxbow Brewing Company

One of Liquid Riot’s earliest beer recipes, we started brewing Head Stash in 2013, the year Liquid Riot was born (then named In’finiti Fermentation and Distillation). In celebration of our 10 year anniversary last week we asked Tim Adams, Co-Founder and Head Brewer of Oxbow Brewing Company to join us for a commemorative brew of our flagship IPA. Originally a collaboration with Oxbow, Head Stash has passed the test of time and to this day remains a popular IPA within the Portland community and beyond.

Head Stash can on pile of fresh hopsBold, intensely hopped with a dry, crisp finish, Head Stash is the only IPA in the world that you’ll see with an Oxbow logo on it. This is because Oxbow Brewing Company is well known for their farmhouse styles and IPAs are not something they choose to brew. When we asked them if they wanted to brew a beer with us back in our first year, an IPA was therefore the perfect style for us to collaborate on and for us all to brew.

Liquid Riot's Greg Abbot and Tim Adams of Oxbow Brewing Company sip a Head Stash

Greg Abbot, our Head Brewer got his start homebrewing and first mentored with Oxbow’s Tim Adams and Mike Fava at their rural Newcastle location learning various production methods and how to brew eclectic beer styles. When Greg started at Liquid Riot it only made sense that a collaboration with Oxbow Brewing was inevitable. Head Stash was brewed out of true passion for craft beer and of friendship.

Where does the name “Head Stash” come from you may ask. Greg and Tim jokingly reference the hops they used in the brew as raiding the head stash. For this bold and hoppy IPA we use Simcoe, Amarillo, Eureka!, and Chinook hops in the grain bill.

Liquid Riot x Oxbow Brewing Company Head Stash cans with new branding

You can enjoy a fresh sip of this celebratory brew of Head Stash on draft at our 250 Commercial Street location as well as we have 4-packs available of it in our retail store.