Jungle Bird Recipe

17 Jul 2023 Jungle Bird Recipe

Jungle Bird cocktail served next to Rum Riot Rum bottle

The Jungle Bird is a well-known tiki-style cocktail that combines a delicious mix of Blackstrap Rum, a bitter hint of Campari, and sweet fresh fruit juices. It was said to originate from the Kuala Lumpur Hilton’s Aviary bar during the 1970’s. This tropical drink is one we like to make with either of our two Dark Rums – Rum Riot Rum or Dow’s Demise. However, since it’s Summertime we like to use our limited release Rum Riot Rum while it’s available. Released only once a year on June 2nd, Rum Riot Rum is a collaboration with Liquid Riot, New England Distillery & Maine Craft Distilling. 


Our Rum Riot Rum is aged for two years in a New England Distilling Rye barrel and Maine Craft Distilling Single Malt Barrel and is then blended in a Liquid Riot Bourbon barrel for the final year. With our Rum Riot Rum as the base, the next important component in a Jungle Bird is the fresh juices. Hand squeezed lime juice a must, but also if you’re able to we suggest muddling the pineapple to make fresh pineapple juice. Lastly, the Campari adds an herbal bitterness to the cocktail and pairs well with our handcrafted Rum. Traditionally a Jungle Bird is served in an old fashioned glass over ice and garnished with a pineapple wedge. We also like to serve it, along with other Tiki inspired drinks, in a Hurricane glass and garnish with edible flowers that are in-season. 

Jungle Bird Ingredients that go into a Jungle Bird cocktail

Jungle Bird


  • 1.5oz Rum Riot Rum
  • .75oz Campari
  • 1.5oz Pineapple Juice
  • .5oz Lime
  • .5oz Simple Sugar


Add Rum Riot Rum, Campari, pineapple juice, lime juice, and simple syrup into a cocktail shaker with crushed ice and shake until well-chilled. Pour into your favorite glass and garnish with an edible flower or pineapple wedge.

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