New Can Release: Primus

01 Jun 2023 New Can Release: Primus

Hi, I’m Eric Michaud, the Founder of Liquid Riot and today I’d like to introduce you to Primus, one of our most beloved beers….

Liquid Riot’s First Beer

Primus, which in latin means “first”, was the first beer we brewed when we opened in 2013 as Maine’s first brewpub distillery. It was also the first all-grain homebrew recipe that I wrote when I was younger and exploring the realm of brewing in my backyard.

Primus can graphicFounder Eric Michaud holding a can of Primus=

Belgian-Style Table Beer

Primus is a Belgian-style table beer and was inspired by my travels through Belgium during my college studies. I was fortunate enough to be able to earn college credits while backpacking through Belgium where I hitchhiked out to some of the Trappist monasteries where the monks brew some of my favorite styles of beer. At some of these monasteries they would make a special table beer just for the monks to drink with their lunch or dinner if they chose. The brews were typically lower in alcohol, 4-4.5%, blond in color, slightly hoppy, dry, and extremely drinkable.

Eric pouring Primus from can

What’s In Primus?

We brew Primus with Belgian malts, European noble hops, and a trappist yeast strain. It clocks in at 4.3% abv, is blond in color, slightly hoppy, dry, and just like the monks’ table beers, I find it extremely drinkable. I hope you do too.

Glass of Primus poured next to can

Primus is available in 4-packs only at Liquid Riot. Packaged specially for our 10-year anniversary, the Belgian-style table beer will be on draft as well. 

Join us on Friday, June 2nd for our anniversary party where you can sip this beer that has such a special place in our hearts.