Seaweed Week 2023 at Liquid Riot

18 Apr 2023 Seaweed Week 2023 at Liquid Riot

We are so excited to share that once again we will be taking part in Seaweed Week. The 5th Annual Food & Drink Festival celebrating Maine’s kelp harvest starts this Friday April 21st and runs through Sunday, April 30th, however, you can find specials for seaweed week at Liquid Riot starting now.

Being located on Portland’s working waterfront we feel deeply connected to supporting Maine’s aquaculture and kelp farming and celebrate the direct impact it has on local fishermen’s livelihoods. Plus it’s important to note that growing seaweed requires no land, no fresh water, no fertilizer, and no pesticides which makes it a zero-input crop. Last year alone, Maine farms harvested over 1,000,000 pounds of kelp from sea farms across the state!

Not only is seaweed climate friendly, but it has 10x more minerals than land-based plants as well as is full of vitamins, essential aminos, and antioxidants as well. At Liquid Riot, we are inspired to use seaweed for its wide range of flavors and culinary uses. This year we will be serving it in a cocktail called ‘Rita By The Sea, as well as in a Coconut Shrimp dish and Smoked Salmon Belly Bao Buns.

seaweed week food special

Our Smoked Salmon Belly Bao Buns are served with wakame, dulse tempura crisps, topped with gochujang aioli and lemon.

seaweed cocktail special for seaweed week

The ‘Rita By The Sea is our riff on a margarita made with our house distilled Bierschnaps, Mezcal, orange liqueur, lime juice, and agave with a spicy nori sea salt rim. 

coconut shrimp over a bed of wakame

Our Coconut Shrimp is served on a bed of wakame with fresh dulse mango aioli, hot honey, and lime.

For more information on Seaweed Week and how to get involved visit their website here.

Visit Liquid Riot at 250 Commercial Street Portland, Maine 04101 and try our seaweed food and drink specials.

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