Shops and Hops Sunday February 9

08 Feb 2020 Shops and Hops Sunday February 9

Introducing Liquid Riot’s first bazaar!

Shops & Hops – February 9, 2020

This fun shopping, eating and drinking event at Liquid Riot features a few of our friends like @macrame_shea who makes cool things out of, you guessed it, macrame 

and Amphitrite Studio for handmade clothing, @sagethreadthrifts vintage clothing and Dandelion District from Lowell, MA with vintage and repurposed art

Artist @jacobampowers and @Nestful_Vintage are coming too.

To fulfill the eating and drinking part, your $25 ticket includes Bazaar-themed food by Chef Josh Doria and your choice of a special Bazaar cocktail or draft beer. 

Tickets are available online now for the Sunday, February 9 event. We’ll kick things off at 5 p.m. and wind down at 10 p.m. See you Sunday!