Toasted Coconutz!

Coconut Shreds

09 Feb 2015 Toasted Coconutz!

Hey Beer fans! My little project today is toasting 100lbs of shredded coconut, which will eventually get chucked into a British Porter we just made last week. We attempted this last year with an imperial porter we made with pretty good results. This batch will be much bigger, obviously and we think we have it pretty well dialed in this time.

We toast the coconut in order to bring out more of the coconut taste from the shreds. Heating them encourages the oils to come out bringing along all the flavory goodness with it (and in case you’re wondering, that is a scientific term). One of our inspirations for this beer is Maui Brewing’s Coconut Porter and it’s also a fun little twist on a traditional (and let’s face it, sometimes bland) style. The crystal malt and specialty roasted malts we used in the grain bill are complemented nicely by the toasted coconut flavor. Expect this beer to be available probably in a couple few weeks here at the pub and possibly at a couple places around Portland once it’s had plenty of time sitting on the coconut.

Cheers My Friends,