Après-Ski at Alice & Lulu’s With Liquid Riot

07 Feb 2022 Après-Ski at Alice & Lulu’s With Liquid Riot

Located at the base of arguably Maine’s favorite ski mountain in Sugarloaf Village Center sits Alice & Lulu’s, an Alpine eatery and wine bar. They are best known for their European-inspired dishes that feature locally sourced ingredients including a large focus on Maine-made products. We are ecstatic to now be represented on that list. On their bar shelf is our Fernet Michaud, Dow’s Demise Dark Rum, and Old Port Single Malt, as well as soon to be our LRV 3 Year Blend. Keep reading to learn more about our LRV and see how well it pairs with their charcuterie, as well as their Head Bartender shares with us their newest drink recipe using our Fernet…

LRV stands for Liquid Riot Vessel, which is a custom built double-decker oceanside koelschip that sits outside our brewery during the colder winter months. It’s in there that the wild yeast and bacteria naturally found in the ambient air inoculate our fresh brewed wort overnight to make spontaneous fermented beer. Following the steps of traditional Lambic production (using the internationally recognized Méthode Traditionelle), to make our 3 Year Blend we blend beers that have been spontaneously fermented and aged in oak barrels for 1, 2 and 3 years. Alice & Lulu’s is the first restaurant to carry it.

While in the broad category of sour beer, this style is known for its funky, fruity, sometimes barnyard-y flavors. It is the pinnacle of tasting; balanced and complex with soft, round acidity and beautiful citrus notes. It’s no surprise then that this style of beer pairs extremely well with rich and creamy cheeses and spicy, salty charcuterie. 

For those less familiar with cheese and charcuterie boards, it is not only a popular snack, but also a delicious dinner option for Après-ski. After an exhilarating day on the slopes, there’s no better way to wind down in alpine environs than by taking part in this festive tradition which includes socializing over bites and beverages. LRV is an interpretation of traditional Belgian Lambic style beer and is one often served during Après-ski all over Europe. What’s special is that you can try our take on it in Maine’s premier Alpine destination. 

At Alice & Lulu’s you can build your own board with 1 Maine cheese for $14 and 1 house-made charcuterie for $16. Each board is served with their rotating seasonal accoutrements: locally made artisanal sourdough bread from Bigelow Fields, mustard, nuts, dried fruit, house-jams and pickled veggies.

Fernet is an Italian-style liqueur often consumed during Après-ski. Many enjoy it neat or as a digestif. It tastes great in a cocktail as well! Be sure to try it in the Fernet Michaud D.T.O ( “Daiquiri Time Out”). 

Our version of Fernet begins life as a high-proof organic wheat based Neutral Grain Spirit. We re-distill and charcoal filter this NGS to produce a smooth, neutral base which is then infused with a proprietary blend of 22 botanicals, roots and herbs. After the infusion is complete, the spirit is laid to rest in used Maine Blueberry Wine barrels for 5 months. The resulting product is complex, minty, bittersweet and very herbal.

Fernet Michaud D.T.O Drink Recipe


Fernet Michaud
Liquid Riot Dow’s Demise Dark Rum
Lime juice
Peychauds bitters
Lemon twist


Combine all ingredients, shake, and double strain into a coupe glass and garnish with lemon twist.

The next time you ski at Sugarloaf be sure to visit Alice & Lulu’s after! In the meantime visit their website at www.aliceandlulus.com