Attack of the IPAs

IPA Lineup at Liquid Riot

16 Mar 2017 Attack of the IPAs

The tap lineup is always changing. But you already know that. Fresh KA$SH Money IPA was just added which means we have three awesome IPAs on tap. This doesn’t happen often and if you’re an IPA drinker, this is your time to shine.

Another notable treat for sour beer drinkers, we have three outstanding lines for you: Raspy TroubleZurr Fleur; and Taste the Rainbow.

Holy Trinity of LRBC IPAs:

KA$H Money IPA: Blonde IPA using fruity, citrusy Cashmere hops, supported by a soft malt profile*
Headstash IPA: Bold American IPA brewed with Pilsner malt and intensely hopped with highly aromatic and flavorful American hops. Originally brewed as a collaborative ale with Oxbow Brewing Company.
This is DIPA: Big IPA following more in the tradition of the first wave of American double IPAs. A slight maltyness is put in the back seat while the Amarillo, CTZ, Centennial, Cascade, Simcoe and Citra do most of the driving.  We dry hopped this one twice also.  Served clear as a bell.

Fresh cans of KA$H Money are available in the Riot Retail Shop and at Maine’s finest local beer retailers.