Celebrating Seaweed Week at Liquid Riot

19 Apr 2022 Celebrating Seaweed Week at Liquid Riot

Liquid Riot is thrilled to be part of this year’s Seaweed Week which is food & drink festival celebrating the kelp harvest here in Maine. We’ll be joining 60+ local restaurants serving seaweed-based food, cocktails, and other specials from April 22nd to May 1st.

Seaweed is a vital part of aquaculture in Maine and is not only healthy for the ocean, but also for you to consume. Typically, seaweeds have 10x more minerals than land-based plants. Plus they have essential vitamins, essential aminos, and antioxidants. For the ocean, seaweed creates habitat for baby lobsters and other marine life. It also sequesters carbon, creates oxygen, and reverses ocean acidification.

We will be serving a Magic Seaweed Martini and food specials such as, Scallop Bao Buns (made with fried Maine driver scallops, dulse seaweed aioli, pickles, crispy nori rice noodles, and served with a chili charred lime), Dulse seaweed and Single Malt Ice Cream, Cold Soba Noodle and Crab Salad (made with chilled buckwheat soba noodles, cilantro, scallion, soy sesame vinaigrette, Red Crab, and sea lettuce). Also our Cheese Board will feature Lakin’s Gorges Rockweed which is a made of a bloomy rind with a ribbon of bladderwrack seaweed in the center, aged 1 month. Briny and creamy.

Visit us at 250 Commercial Street Portland, Maine