Vodka Martini Recipe

13 Jul 2023 Vodka Martini Recipe

The Vodka Martini is an elegant cocktail made up of two essential ingredients – Vodka and vermouth. Simple enough to make, but truly an iconic drink to sip and one that never ceases to impress. A classic Martini calls for gin, and while we have yet to distill one at Liquid Riot, we like to use vodka in a Martini for its smoothness. As a neutral spirit it tends to appeal to more cocktail enthusiasts for being flavorless. Keep reading to learn more about the Vodka Martini and how to make it….

Outside of the two spirits to choose from as the base, there are also two schools of thoughts for how to make the drink. For instance, stirred or shaken? Ice shards or double strained? Lemon twist or olives? However you decide to make yours, the true difference in taste will come down to the quality of ingredients. After all, every drop matters. At Liquid Riot, we make our Vodka from an Organic Wheat based Neutral Grain Spirit (NGS). We take this rough, 190 proof product and re-distill it in our small copper still. The spirit is then triple charcoal filtered to produce the final product to be crystal clear. 

If you’re looking to order a Vodka Martini here are the most common descriptions and what they mean: 

Dry: A martini with little to no vermouth.

Wet: A martini with a bit more vermouth added.

Dirty: A martini that has been spiked with olive juice

Our bartenders like to squeeze the back of a lemon peel over the glass to release the lemon oils into the martini, then they rub the peel around the rim and drop the lemon peel in the glass. This enhances it with aroma and brings a fresh zest to it. Some people may opt to discard the lemon peel after and drop in fresh olives instead. However you choose to garner your Vodka Martini is up to you. Either way, cheers!

Vodka Martini Recipe



Start by chilling your glass. Pour our Vodka and the Vermouth into a mixing glass and then fill with ice. Stir vigorously, about 20 seconds, until well chilled. Strain into a martini glass, garnish with a lemon peel and serve.

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